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Ashleigh Millman – The Start of my Semester Abroad in Sydney!

I’ve been in Sydney for just over a month now – which I know only from the varying shades of red that mark the sunburn I’ve managed to acquire during my first four weeks of being here, like some sort of sick sundial… University began on the 29th of February and has been a scary mix of paper work, navigating the 700 acre campus, and looking for cheap accommodation in a city with the same prices as London (note: in hindsight halls would have been a much better option).…

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Introducing Ashleigh Millman who is spending her second semester at The University of Sydney!

Hello! My name is Ashleigh Millman – I’m currently undertaking my second year at the University of Southampton studying BA Film and English; and I’ll be heading off to The University of Sydney in Australia for my second semester. I’m planning to leave late February and returning at the end of June (as the Australian semester is roughly a month out of sync with the English one); which is filling me with a strange mix of excitement, apprehension and confusion, that seems to result in a constant mix of that fluttery-stomach feeling that you get when looking down from a great height.…