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Alice on moving during her Year Abroad


I’m no longer writing from the French capital as I’ve moved down South to the city of Grenoble. This blog post will be about my experience leaving somewhere and starting new in another place. It’s not very common for a Southampton student to split their Year Abroad, as Erasmus and British Council placements last the whole year, but so far my experience has been a good one.…

Emily Sims

Emily and how her internship on her Year Abroad has made her more resilient

Emily SimsWhen I first started my internship here in Paris, I didn’t really know what to expect. After an

initial introductory meeting on the first day including some basic information about the job,

we went straight to work. Within the first three days, I was already making phone calls in

French, creating contracts, and using almost no English whilst at work outside of my lunch


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Lucy- The end is in sight!

I cannot quite believe that there is less than a month left of studying at the University in Lyon, and less than 2 months until my time here comes to an end! The next month is going to be extremely busy with numerous exams and assignments to complete, not only for the University in Lyon, but also for Southampton, so I will need to be vert organised to juggle it all.…

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Paul Stevens – 7 Weeks in Grenoble: The Bedding-in Process!

Before starting my Year Abroad in Grenoble, no one said that it would be easy, and my first 7 weeks in France have certainly proved that it isn’t. What now seems clear to me, here in a new environment, is that everyone faces their own unique challenges – but it is how we deal with these difficulties that will determine the progress we make in this relatively short time, and our enjoyment of it!…