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Chloe Hogan – “Knowing comes from learning, finding from seeking.” Vaddey Ratner

Bom dia, os blogueiros!

If I could give only one piece of advice to those considering spending their Year Abroad in Lisbon, it would be to live by the quotation of Vaddey Ratner; “Knowing comes from learning, finding from seeking.” I have definitely learnt that nothing comes easily in Lisbon, you need to seek out the city’s hidden gems – and trust me, there’s a lot of them.…

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David Williams – How to keep up second and third languages during the Year Abroad!

It seems to be the eternal question facing languages students on their year abroad; just how do you manage to keep up a second, or even third, language when you’re placed in just one country for the year? For most of us, just concentrating on being able to coherently speak the language of the country we’re spending our year abroad in is a job enough – let alone trying to not forget the other languages we study.…

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Thinking of spending your Residency Abroad in Brazil? David Williams, studying in Florianópolis has some advice!

Hi everyone! With second years making their final decisions for their Year Abroad placement now, I thought I’d use this blog post to give some advice to those of you considering spending your YA in Brazil, and more specifically Florianópolis.

The first thing to say is that you need to have a lot of patience with Brazil, everything happens much more slowly here than in the UK!…

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Introducing David Williams who is spending his Year Abroad in Florianópolis, Brazil!

I’m David, I’m studying Spanish and Portuguese at Southampton and I’m spending my year abroad in Florianópolis, Brazil. My year abroad has actually already started and I’ve been out here for nearly 2 months already! It still feels like yesterday that I was finishing packing my bags (quadruple checking that I hadn’t forgotten anything crucial!), saying goodbye to my family and embarking on a mammoth 24 hour journey to reach my final destination.…