Joining Facebook groups on your Residency Abroad


Lots of Facebook groups exist that can really help you while you’re away in your host country. They can help you meet people, learn more about what is going on in the area or even act as a support while you’re abroad.

Many universities have Erasmus societies that provide Facebook groups for incoming students and British Council groups are often set up by country and sometimes by region.

In order to improve your language skills consider looking for and joining Language Exchange groups in your area.

And if the Facebook group you want doesn’t exist, consider making it yourself. It could be the case that there are other students looking for the same thing.


For UoS Modern Languages students there are a couple of official Facebook groups that you can join:

This group works as a support for your YARP

The Modern Languages group


If you are a student studying at another university, make sure to check and see if they provide any sort of Facebook group for Residence Abroad.

And then once you’re back in Southampton, don’t forget to join this group to keep up with your language skills.