• How do I apply?

At the University of Southampton, applications for Assistantships are processed by RA Administration and forwarded to the British Council. The first stage in the process is to register online and follow the instructions here. Applications must go through the university, not the online application site – all applications (3 copies, original signatures on each copy and application checklist) will be returned to the Student Office at the end of November of your second year at University. You must provide a reference from your Personal Academic Tutor, or an ML tutor should your PAT be in another department. To ensure your reference is ready in time contact your tutor at least 10 days before the deadline and provide them with a brief CV since they may not know you well.

If you wish to apply to become a Language Assistant, information on how to do so can be found on the British council website. Applications open in October.

  • Can I choose where I go?

You can express preferences regarding the location, type of school and age of students, however there is no guarantee that you will be offered one of your choices. If you are offered a position it will be final, you will not be able to work at an alternative location or school.

  • When will I found out where I’m going?

Students at the University of Southampton should find the result of your application shortly after Easter, however you might not know the location until the end of Semester 2.

  • Am I guaranteed a placement?

Success in securing an assistantship is not guaranteed – should you be unsuccessful an ERASMUS placement will be arranged. All successful applications must be taken up, you cannot apply for an assistantship as a fallback plan.