1. Commercial Awareness Skills
  • Learnt how the education system works in a foreign country
  1. Communication Skills
  • Able to effectively communicate with both students and colleagues in a professional manner
  • (ML students) Completed a 6000 word academic essay in the target language (Year Abroad Research Project)
  1. Intellectual and Subject Knowledge
  • Developed teaching methods for foreign languages
  • Learnt how to create lesson plans
  • Expanded vocabulary in the target language
  1. Language Skills
  • Communicating in a different language with young people and colleagues
  • Standing in front of a class and giving a lesson
  • Liaising with teachers
  • Social occasions – meeting people from different backgrounds and nationalities
  • Teaching environment – adjusted communication level when speaking to fellow teachers or students
  1. Networking Skills
  • Interacted with other Language Assistants and teachers
  1. Problem Solving and Analytical Skills
  • Creatively solve problems by applying familiar concepts to unfamiliar situations
  • (ML students)Collecting and analysing data for Year Abroad Research Project
  1. Project Management Skills
  • Lesson planning and organising
  • Organising elements to the year abroad: accommodation, finances, travel
  • Responsible for organising own work schedule
  • Plan implementation of tasks
  • Working to juggle separate courses with separate working timetables
  • (ML students) The Year Abroad Research Project required planning and time management to meet chapter deadlines
  1. Self-management and Personal Effectiveness Skills
  • Get-up-and-go attitude
  • Initiative to get to know people and find new ways to use the target language
  • Forced out of comfort zone – take own initiative to resolve problems
  • Finding somewhere to live and setting up a bank account, etc.
  • Relied a lot on initiative when travelling around the country by myself
  • Being decisive in how to solve problems when there was a communication barrier
  1. Social Responsibility and Global Awareness Skills
  • Develop an understanding of a different Education system
  1. Team Working Skills
  • Co-teaching and collaborating with colleagues in school
  • Working with other teachers
  • Working together with people from other cultures
  • Working and collaborating with other language assistants