1. Commercial Awareness Skill
  • Different modules at university – e.g. management & economy modules
  • Learnt about specific industries such as interpreting, subtitling, dubbing and advertising through module options
  1. Communication Skills
  • Communicated with peers from a range of backgrounds and of different nationalities
  • Translations for classes
  • Writing emails to lecturers at the host university
  • University work in the target language
  • Communicated with lecturers colleagues in a professional manner
  • (ML students) Completed a 6000 word academic essay in the target language (Year Abroad Research Project)
  1. Intellectual and Subject Knowledge
  • Completed modules on French literature, Spanish history, interpreting, translating etc.
  1. Language Skills
  • Presenting to class mates and tutors
  • Interpreting and translation modules
  • Social occasions – meeting people from different backgrounds and nationalities
  • Made myself understood to international students and learnt how to clearly explain myself in English and/or the target language
  • Interacting with various people in foreign situations in order to achieve the desired outcome
  1. Networking Skills
  • Attended host University’s careers events
  • Friends in foreign countries
  1. Problem Solving and Analytical Skills
  • Particular modules improved analytical skills
  • Creatively solve problems by applying familiar concepts to unfamiliar situations
  • Collecting and analysing data for Year Abroad Research Project
  1. Project Management Skills
  • Having to manage tasks for both my home and host university
  • Organising elements to the year abroad: accommodation, finances, travel
  • Organising own timetable
  • Organising travel plans and trips in host country and neighbouring countries
  • (ML students) The Year Abroad Research Project required planning and time management to meet chapter deadlines
  1. Self-management and Personal effectiveness Skills
  • Initiative to get to know people and find new ways to use the target language
  • Forced out of comfort zone – take own initiative to resolve problems
  • Rely on myself and my own intuition to know what to do in certain situations
  • University system abroad worked differently so I had to work out for myself where to go and what I needed to know
  • Finding somewhere to live and setting up a bank account, etc.
  • Relied a lot on initiative when travelling around the country by myself
  • Being decisive in how to solve problems when there was a communication barrier
  1. Social Responsibility and Global Awareness Skills
  • Interacting with international students from various backgrounds
  1. Team Working Skills
  • Groups projects and presentations
  • Working together with people from other cultures
  • Actively participated in a student organisation