Marketing Pro Clancey Braxton Yohman Shares 2023 Marketing Trend Predictions

As more companies embrace new technology, old marketing trends give way to recent marketing trends. Additionally, in a market where customer preferences are continuously shifting, brands cannot just rely on their tried-and-true marketing best practices to succeed.

More marketing trends are sure to develop in the coming year, so it is vital for all parties concerned to position themselves to benefit from them.

Here are the marketing trends that have been predicted by the renowned marketing expert Clancey Braxton Yohman for this new year.

Long-Term Connections Between Influencers and Brands

Over the last century, a sure way to get people to buy a product or use a service is to get someone they trust to tell them it works. This is why influencer marketing has thrived in recent years, as fans readily check products influencers have vouched for.

In 2023, Clancey Braxton Yohman predicted that brands would chart a new path with influencer marketing at the forefront after he released his best tips on NFTs and Marketing at the end of 2022.

He further stated that influencers would take up more roles as brand ambassadors, building more authentic connections with their target audience for the brands.

These mutually beneficial relationships would allow the brand to penetrate desired target markets more quickly while the influencers would benefit by getting paid or given free goods and services.

More Unique Video-Based Content

Millennial and Generation Z-focused marketers have invested heavily in utilizing platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to attract new clients.

Before now, the primary technique of marketing a product was publishing photographs or providing written information about it. However, since video content can keep viewers’ attention for longer than static posts, the dynamics have changed and are continually evolving.

The use of short, video-based YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and TikTok snippets will increase. Live streaming and specific Q&A sessions will also become commonplace as they raise client engagement to a whole new level.

SEO Voice Search Strategies

Voice search has evolved into a tool that marketers can incorporate into their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. This artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant has been programmed to react to brief informational queries depending on potential internet users’ interests.

It is expected that some content being created by marketers about a brand will be framed in question formats to best utilize voice searches. When a person asks a question on the internet, potential answers related to it will appear, all customized to the user’s specific preferences.

Users should receive more accurate, high-quality results as the process is anticipated to improve over time.

VR-Based Tools and Apps

Just like AI is applied in voice searches, its impact will also be seen in creating virtual reality-based tools and apps for marketing purposes, Mr. Yohman shared.

Users can expect a simulated but realistic experience when they try these innovative tools.

Brands are hoping that it would assist in convincing the target market to buy their goods or services. The likes of branded Instagram filters and virtual try-ons have already been put to use. Additionally, since technology advances constantly, this year will see the introduction of even more cutting-edge VR marketing strategies.

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